The Secret to Becoming Rich

What separates us from the rich?


Ever watch on the rich an famous and wonder if its complete BS? These people cant be all cheerful and happy as the claim to be. What is up with all these donations and foundations they create. Do they really care about the less fortunate, or is it just a front?

I used to think that it was all phony, they only care about them selves. They want us to believe that they really care about the average person? Bull, the rich only care about themselves and making more money no matter the cost!!

It kind of fill you with hate , doesn’t it? Thinking that all the wars are due to greed. That we are powerless, these people are born with a silver spoon in there mouths, they never had to go through what the average person does. They consider us mindless sheep waiting for the slaughterer. sacrificed for a dollar.

Why would a filthy rich old guy really give a crap about any one else but them selves?




That’s When I Realized The Truth

They are all on TV smiling, I’m here angry, bitter and sorry. Maybe its true, maybe they are trying to help people. Who have I really helped?
Have I ever really tried to do any good, besides the average every day “nice guy” routine?  No not really, me just like anyone else I know keep the same mentality.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer!

But, really that not true is it. Poor people become rich all the time. How many successes stories have you heard. Some guy in middle of nowhere, born with nothing, works hard learns and becomes a millionaire. And what do those people do once they hit it big? They start a foundation to help people that are where they were at one point, poor and needy.


Here is the difference between us and them. The rich, or the people that will be rich have the right mind set. They have a goal and work towards it. They don’t view the world as evil, they look for opportunities!

So why do we have that mentality to start with?

Chances are you were raise to believe it. Everyone around us has shared a negative sentiment towards money and people with money. If you really think that being rich is evil, why would you ever really want to become rich? Wouldn’t that mean that the people you loved will view you as evil?

Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

Stop and think for your self. Don’t just regurgitate what you have heard for so long. When was the last time you came face to face with evil, personally.

Headline in the newspaper the other day read, “Old man stomped to death by teens for $5″ , that’s evil! Or another one from a few weeks ago about a taxi cab driver shot in the head because the passenger didn’t want to pay for the ride! Stories like this are all over the place no matter where you live chances are something like this has happened near you.

Is this greed, is it the rich old white folks on TV that are doing this? Really think about this, if the rich and powerful didn’t exist this would still happen.

The root of evil is not money, its negativity!

Its not being able to do what it takes to become rich, its taking short cuts because you are to lazy to take the time and effort to dedicate your self. Its the lack of money that’s evil.


Money Is The Root Of All Good!

It is money that has been sending food over to starving country’s. Money has been creating homes for people that cannot afford them. It’s people with wealth that have shared their wealth. The  world is a better place because of the people that have worked hard and achieved. Not the ones with negative mindsets.

How can you change your mindset. Who doesn’t really want to be rich. We all do but we need to accept what comes with it. Its not all about your selfish gaols. Real wealth comes from your ability to help others. The more you can help the more you can make. If you come up with a solution that can help people around your town you’ll make a few dollars. If you can help the world you will become wealthy.

Its not about robbing and stealing., or trickery. You will not get to far trying to con others. Sure you can make a few bucks but you will never accomplish much. True success is in your ability to become a value and how many you can affect.


Start By Reprogramming Your Mindset


Stop the train of negative though. Don’t associate money with evil, understand that if it wasn’t for the creation of more we would all still live in huts following the guidance of tribal leaders. Money gives us a goal and need to succeed. With success comes wealth, that’s all there is to it. Ask yourself this one questions and dedicate your self to the answer,

“How can you help as many people as possible”

Don’t just follow money, that’s a drive for selfish goals, instead chase a goals

Create a goal that will raise your value in society.

How can you help millions?

What can you do to help your fellow man?

How can you make life easier?

Look at the rich, all of them have created products and services that have made our lives better. What have we done in turn, we have dished out our dollars. That is the secret to becoming rich.




Covert Mind Control Techniques

Learn How To Hypnotize People

At the end of the next two minutes you will feel more confident and more aware of your surroundings. unlike the average Joe that sits around watching the ball game and drinking a beer. You spend your time researching and trying to find answers.

Answers to everyday problems as well as what’s happening to our society. The news is full of depression and fear. At the same time every advertisement that come across the TV screens brings a sense of joy and fulfilment, ..

Well, that’s only if you buy the product.

But once you do spend that cash, do you feel fulfilled?


Why is this?

Why don’t you take a step back, not to far only a few feet. Now instead of watching the TV, I want you to watch the person that is watching it. I know, it may sound a little crazy. You very well may seem to be crazy to the one you’re observing. lets take this further, try and conduct this experiment during the later hours of the day.

Later in the afternoon, once the sun is down, but its not so dark that you would need to turn on the lights. Let the glowing flicker from the television screen illuminate the room. The once well coordinated colors and pictures didn’t seem to display anything special.Its only lighting meant to match that of the real world, but only inside this boxed frame
Now, from this angle what do you see?, does the flickering seem to make any sense?

Look back at the television, why don’t the colors on the screen properly portray the coloring it should be projecting on the wall?
Isn’t it odd? If you took a flash light into a dark room and switched it on the light emitted will most likely match the bulb. Now imagine if you had pulled a bed sheet over the flash light that’s powered on, the lighting would reflect the color of the sheet. I’m sure you remember trying this when you were younger.

Tv Mind Control

Its funny how we can spend so much of our life taking for granted and never really paying attention to the device we call the TV. Now don’t stop there, i want you to spend a little more time at this new angle. Pay attention to the dim lighting that’s used at certain points of that frightful news broadcast. Watch it quickly switches into a vivid, bright scheme one a commercial comes on.

Yes, we all know that the TV is used for a form of mind control. But how many times have you actually gave it that much thought?

Why would an average everyday person be interested in learning how to hypnotize someone?
Why?, there exists a million reasons why you need to learn covert hypnosis. Everything from performing a parlor trick to amuse friends, to persuading your boss to give you a big fat raise. Life is all about persuasion, we deal with people on a daily basis, or at least we should be. If you are not getting your point across or guiding someone else’s decisions, chances are they are guiding yours!



So now you have to choose!

Are you willing to spend your life being told what to do? Unaware of the mental interactions that underlie almost every form of communication. From who’s going to clean the dishes tonight to overpaying for that next big purchase.

Did you know that every form of sales takes its note from conversational hypnosis?

It’s true you can ask anyone who has ever taken any marketing courses. It may not be made to appear as sinister, after all it’s  just good salesmanship. I don’t want you to get tunnel vision here, a salesman isn’t just that guy trying to get you into a used car.

Its also your local politician, your girlfriend or wife, a co-worker, your boss, a friend, basically it can be anyone.  Anyone who can use the power of persuasion to guide your decision making in favor of their own.

As you read this you start to recall certain events in your life. Times from your past and you start to realise, if you haven’t already, that some of your choices were not your own!

So I’ll ask you again, you now have to choose between staying in that semi conscious state where you wander around aimlessly unless guided. Or fully aware of who you are and what you are truly capable of.

How would life be if instead of doing what you’re told, you have others do for you!



Mind Control Course, Yours FREE!

Brainwashing Techniques You Can Use To Get What You Want


I know you’re probably having some doubts. Controlling people that not your thing, live and let live, we can all be happy. Maybe you the type that believes in keeping a positive outlook on life, “The universe will work for me and help me get the things I desire”

OK, great I do to, I think Most people feel the same.

But let me ask you this, what is this “Universe” or “Cosmic Consciousness” that will work for you?

Learn covert hypnosis


You have probably pondered the same thing, but have you ever really came to a conclusion? Its you, me and every other person and living thing on this planet and any other. We all make up this “Universe” or “Cosmic Consciousness”, so know that you know, how will you persuade fate in your direction? The answer is simple, by conduction every interaction with everyone you encounter in a manner that will allow them to help you.


NLP Techniques


If you have ever done any research into mind control or brainwashing, I’m sure you have came across the term, Neuro linguistic Programing. You may have even spent some time trying to learn how it works and how you can learn NLP techniques.

If you haven’t let me try to explain it to you. NLP is a type of hypnosis that you can do to your self or others. It a form of speaking and interacting with others that can actually take full control of their mind.

If you have already taken some time to learn it or even read some book on the subject, how has it worked for you?

Most people think they can learn mind control by reading a few articles on the net. Alot of people even waste hour on You Tube trying to learn NLP. How can you expect pick up some thing that psychologist take years to learn in a few hours in front of  your computer screen?

You will need to take time and get involved with a program that can take you step by step through the process. You will need to understand how the mind works and why hypnosis works so well.

Conversational Hypnosis Will Change Your Life

There is no doubt about it. You will be able to get what you want when you want it. It will seem as if the world really does revolve around you! Guess what it does, you just haven’t taken the steps necessary to see it!

Remember the feeling you had before you read this? Think about it, you feel a little better now, more confident and sure. You now realise who you are and what you can do.

We are all here for a reason, you also have a purpose. You can reach your goals with the help of some mind control techniques.


Now its time to learn!

Take Control Of Other Minds

chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Raw Footage


26 April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Raw untranslated footage just days after the nuclear disaster. explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. It is widely considered to have been the worst nuclear power plant accident in history

Revealed China 2012 Military, Nuclear or UFO Activity!!




Is China gearing up for nuclear war? Are these images of chinas nuclear test sites? What ever they are it does expose Google for censorship and editing. these photos are obviously tampered with. Some say the large lines are for satellite image calibration. There are also underground bunkers. Using Google Earth, We can see a series of locations. and using time lapse you will notice photo shop editing of images.

Soviet Expiriment resurected dead, Real Zombies, nazi war machine!



In the 1940s, Soviet scientists were able to bring the dead back to life. This very technology will be the driving force behind the future Zombie apocalypse. 71 years later, we can finally get a peek through the Iron Curtain. What you see might horrify you. A poor dog, Torn apart in the name of science. Its lungs, hart and head, put to death then reanimated. Was this ever tested on humans, are Zombies real? Yes, as we can see, this has been done a very long time ago. Deep within Soviet Russia the communists scientist have played God.  The day of Judgement will rain down on humanity and the dead shall rise. Nazi also conducted experiments with for nazi zombies. refer to times article for more details,9171,851883,00.html

Illuminati Engineered Ethnic BIO WEAPONS


What is 2012? what is the end game and what race will rule and dominate. DNA genetic terrorism, Scientist have identified ethnic markers in human DNA. Accelerated the ethnic cleansing through the use of Bio weapons such as the Swine Flu, the first test. But will there be a major false flag, using the term “Dirty bomb”, and “terrorist attack” , to cover the trail leading to the global Elite. The Illuminati, The core evil on this planet now has the ability to kill every one you know. Leave the battlefield scattered with the corpse’s of average man, while leaving their family , bloodline completely safe! Genetic clones, zombies, your dna used to create zombie clones of you.

NY Ready to Legalize

Looks like  decades of Marijuana law reform has finally started to take hold across America, and the world.  Its been a long time coming. A natural drug that has been used for healing throughout history. Banned in the Us for no good reason. Finally getting the respect it deserves. With the new laws have came new medical research. Its seems as if cannabis does more then just treat the pains of cancer but also cures them.

Cannabis kids


Until the laws have been changed world wide we still have to protect our selves from the prying eye of the law. There are plenty of THC Detox product out that can help keep our private lives private.

The truth with Abrahamic religions

The truth with Abrahamic religions.

This black cube(also known as the black sun) is a remnant of the ancient worship of El. Semitic civilizations referred to the god Saturn as “El”. The supreme deity was represented by a black cube. We can find instances of the cube across the world. You might not know it, but the entire world has been worshiping Saturn for thousands of years. The cult has never stopped and its rites are still present to this day. Saturn, dubbed the “Lord of the Rings”, is the reason why we exchange rings at weddings or put halos on the heads of godly people. This article exposes the attributes of the god Saturn and the perpetuation of his cult through in pop culture.

Tefillin (Hebrew תפילין, rooted in the word Tefillah, meaning “prayer”) is the name given to two leather boxes, each attached to a strip of animal hide kosher , which is contained within a scroll with the four pieces the Torah on which the use of phylacteries (Shema Israel Vehaiá Im Shamoa, Cadêsh Li and Ki Vehayá Yeviachá).
Also known in Portuguese as phylactery, from the Greek term fylaktérion, which basically means “outpost”, “fort” or “protection”, which explains the use of objects such as protection or amulet.
In Judaism, two small leather boxes containing scrolls from the Torah, that are strapped to the left arm and the forehead by Jewish men for daily prayer. The tefillin on the arm points to the heart, while that on the forehead to the mind and thoughts.
The tefillin are worn in obedience to a command found in Deuteronomy 6 to bind the words of the Shema ‘as a sign upon your hands and a frontlet between your eyes’. Most Jews regard them as a God-given symbolic reminder to love God in all one thinks, feels, and does.”

Since ancient times, sages gazed at the stars, admiring their heavenly glow and attributing them godly powers, based on their effect on humans. Before the Great Flood, Saturn was regarded by all mankind as the supreme god and ruler of the kings. Occult researchers affirm that Saturn ruled the kingdom of Atlantis and became the divine ancestor of all earthly patriarchs and kings. The cult has been perpetuated through numerous gods during Antiquity:

Ancient Hebrews represented Saturn with the six pointed star, which later became the Star of David (it also had many other esoteric meanings). The symbol is still found on Israel’s flag.


With the deposing of his father, Saturn became the ruler of the Universe for untold ages and he reigned with his sister, Ops, who also became his wife.It was prophesied that one day Saturn would lose power when one of his children would depose him. To prevent this from happening, each time Ops delivered a child Saturn would immediately swallow it. When her sixth child, Jupiter(Zeus), was born, Ops had him spirited away to the island of Crete. She then wrapped a stone in his swaddling clothes. Her deception was complete when Saturn swallowed it, thinking it was the child. When Jupiter was grown, he secured the job of cup-bearer to his father. With the help of Gaia, his grandmother, Jupiter fed his father a potion that caused him to vomit up Jupiter’s five siblings, Vesta (Hestia), Ceres (Demeter), Juno (Hera), Pluto (Hades), and Neptune (Poseidon).”

One of the pillars of Islam is to go to the Kabba. Followers must walk around the Kabba  counter clock wise. This motion creates the rings around Saturn. The Black Cube being Saturn.


The Open Cube. Unfolded

  What is the mysterious Hexagon on Saturn